Sunday, April 22, 2012

Computer Arts Magazine: Issue 200

I had the pleasure of writing an opinion piece for Computer Arts Magazine and I was lucky enough to appear in issue 200. The piece is all about  the concept of originality and what a harsh mistress she can be, using The Paper Fox project as an example.


  1. Hi Jeremy, I have just jumped back onto 3D after a long hiatus. I wanted to start my adventure again by creating in the style of traditional arts, such as wood carvings and origami. I think we all strive for the holy grail of being super original, only to find that it is probably just another fairytale. I am glad that you beat me to the punch with your awesome origami inspired 3D art, as I had no clue how to even start my new adventure. Crazy how by trying to be original, i stumble upon someone who has already done it and has a piece about originality in a magazine. I hope to learn much more from your work, awesome stuff!